Bioresonance Therapy

Enhancing Your Body’s Healing Signals

What is Bioresonance Therapy?

BICOM Bioresonance Therapy uses concepts of eastern energy medicine, homoeopathy and quantum physics to help the body’s self-regulatory system. It assists the body by boosting the healing signals that pass between the immune system and all cells in the body while suppressing the signals given off by allergens and other stressors. By working on the immune system, it helps in curing the root of the problem and not just suppressing the symptom. Hence, the effects of Bioresonance treatment are long-lasting and help in curing multiple ailments by targeting the common root of the problem.

The Body Group has added more and new capabilities to our market-leading bio-resonance services. To enable us to offer the best bio-resonance services in the city, we’ve added a Rayonex Polar machine to our existing Regumed Bicom Optima machine. Both of the Bio-resonance technologies used by Body Group Therapists are based on the fact that all matter has a natural vibrational frequency and that every cell in the body resonates at a particular frequency. Groups of cells in an organ or system have unique, multiple frequency patterns, which take the form of an electromagnetic field. Bioresonance on both the Bicom Optima and the Polar are able to test and treat these frequencies to restore wellness.

Since Bioresonance Therapy boosts the immune system, it can be used not only to fight diseases but also to prevent illnesses. This ability to read the body’s energy is specific to Bioresonance treatment, offering faster results by restoring the body’s ability to heal itself. Additionally, this treatment process can help in pain management and can be taken alongside traditional medical practices.

Registered users can book appointments for Bioresonance Therapy in Hong Kong by phone or using our online booking system.


How Can We Help You?

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I am excited that Bioresonance treatment offers efficient relief for so many clients, but particularly children. Food intolerances, infections and other health issues can lead to an accumulation of toxins, even at an early age. When these toxins cross the blood-brain barrier, they act as irritants to the brain. Given that the brain’s only functions are to think, feel and behave, an irritated brain may think morbidly, feel emotionally, and behave erratically. This treatment can improve children’s physical and emotional wellbeing, thus providing relief to parents and enhancing family life.

Recommendation by Dr Louise Porter
PhD, MA(Hons), MGiftedEd, DipEd, BA, BIntStuds
Child Psychologist

See What Our Clients Are Saying

I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to take my 4 month old twins for treatment on the Bicom. I’ve been able to balance their bodies to digest formula and I’ve been able to balance their bodies after getting vaccinated. I also have used the Bicom on my 3 year old daughter to test for food allergies and before and after every vaccination. I can honestly say my oldest daughter has been incredibly healthy and I know it’s because of the Bicom machine. I’m incredibly grateful.

Amanda BurakHong Kong

My 3 year old son suffered with frequent colds, chest infection and wheezy chest. The Bicom treatment has really helped improve his ability to overcome cold symptoms before it develops into a serious infection. Very pleased with the results.

VanessaHong Kong

BioResonance made a profound impact when I was suffering from an acute phase of eczema caused by uncontrollable allergies to numerous substances including dust, eggs, shellfish and nuts. The course of treatments astoundingly minimised the need for traditional medicine from my dermatologist for a prolonged period of time.
Many thanks to the Body Group for introducing me to this powerful treatment technology and making such an impact.

FeliciaHong Kong

My 3 year old son suffered with frequent colds, chest infection and wheezy chest. The BiCom Treatment has really helped improve his ability to overcome cold symptoms before it develops into a serious infection. Very pleased with the results.


My daughter was given a thorough assessment followed by detailed explanation of her condition. Body Group staff were extremely caring, thoughtful in the entire process (June 2015 – Mar 2016). Therapists are very knowledgeable and very willing to share their experiences and going the extra mile in their treatment. Very thankful for Body Group!

JanHong Kong

The treatment brought me a new balance for Body/Mind/nutrition, able to take a step back on all issues and particularly at work and sport.

ThierryHong Kong

I was very impressed with the Bio-resonance that I was given by Caroline Major at the Body Group, after suffering for a long time and being diagnosed with periferic vertigo, having tried many different doctors and medicines. I was initially sceptical about how long my body would react to the bio-resonance and iI tought that it could be months before I could start feeling improvement. However since the very day I had the treatment my symptoms disappeared and after nearly three weeks they haven't come back! I would greatly recommend that anyone who suffers from this ailment should try it. Caroline was extremely professional and catered to my individual needs very personally. I can honestly say that this treatment has made a huge positive impact on my life.

Andrea H.Hong Kong

My daughter was born with a cleft palate which caused her to have difficulty drinking and resulted in severe colic and reflux for the first 6 months of her life.
I was desperate and had tried everything to help her out but nothing seemed to work. My daughter also developed Plagiocephaly due to her being uncomfortable all of the time and preferring to sleep in our arms on one side of her head. I learned that cranial sacral therapy was helpful for all of her symptoms so I set an appointment with Caroline Rhodes at The Body Group. My daughter was almost 5 months old at the time and I had only wished I had found the team at The Body Group sooner. After a few appointments, Caroline suggested I would have increased success by trying bioresonance. The first treatment with Caroline Major changed our lives. At 5 months old my daughter hadn't even taken a ten minute nap. A few hours after her treatment she slept for the very first time. I also switched her from cow's milk to goat's milk formula that very day, as suggested by Caroline. This was a game changer for us all. I discovered that I was eating many foods that my daughter wasn't processing well in my breastmilk. On top of getting more gas from her cleft she was also getting gas from the foods I was eating and the formula I was supplementing with. I was so pleased with the results, my 6 year old son and I also had treatments. My son was having a few behavioural difficulties that Caroline discovered were directly related to gluten and dairy. I was completely unaware. Testing elimination of these products in his diet makes it crystal clear. She was right!
I can't rave enough about the expertise and treatment that we experienced at The Body Group. I would recommend them to anyone for better health and answers to any body related symptoms you are experiencing. I didn't believe it until I tried it..... and I am so very glad we did. Thank you to everyone at The Body Group for all of your care!

WendyHong Kong

Bioresonance Therapy at The Body Group

The Body Group offers Bioresonance Therapy in Hong Kong. We use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the problem. The hands and feet have 40 major stress testing points. Our machines and detail-oriented processes ensure we zero-in on the core of the problem.

Depending on the diagnosis, our Bioresonance therapist will draw up a treatment program that will help resolve your illnesses at the core. Of the 40 testing points, the points with the highest stress mark are prioritised for treatment. Our therapist will then check for the cause of stress by testing for allergies, hormones, chemicals, pollutants, and more.

Regular sessions will allow your immune system to fight the allergens and stressors causing the problem. This will help eliminate fungi, bacteria, allergens and other stressors. Once the sessions are complete, your Bioresonance therapist will provide you with a maintenance plan that will allow your immune system to function optimally.

Conditions We Treat

Bioresonance Therapy helps strengthen the body’s power to detoxify at the same time as reducing its workload by treating allergies, infections, scars, cranial and spinal trauma and other blockages that impair healing. This process can help with other conditions like:

  • Addictions (smoking, food, emotion, alcohol, drugs, and more)
  • Asthma
  • Skin Problems
  • Psychological Illnesses
  • Food Intolerance

Contact our Bioresonance therapists for more details on how this treatment can help you. Registered users can book appointments for Bioresonance Therapy in Hong Kong by phone or using our online booking system.

Bioresonance Therapy

Everything you needed to know about Bioresonance Therapy and the painless drug-free approach to treating diseases and boosting overall well-being.

Bioresonance Therapy is a gentle non-invasive treatment methodology. It can be used for:

Preventive Treatment
Preventive Treatment
Restorative Treatment
Health Optimisation
Chronic Problems
Chronic Problems





General Well-being
General Well-being
Targeted Medical Concerns
Targeted Medical Concerns
Acute Problems
Acute Problems

Bioresonance Therapy helps solve almost all medical conditions including:

Skin Problems
Auto-immune Disease
Gut Restoration
Gut Restoration
Hormonal Imbalance

How does BRT Work?

Step 1: Diagnosis

  • This is a well-defined process that delivers exhaustive results. Using a specific machine, your body is tested for food intolerance, imbalance in hormones and chemicals, and presence of harmful substances like bacteria, virus, heavy metals, fungal growth, etc.

Step 2: Therapy

  • The first part of the therapy comprises taking care of the imbalances that were diagnosed in the previous step.
  • In the second part of the therapy, your therapist will provide medicines and treatments to be taken at home. (You must follow these instructions and drink lots of water.)

Step 3: Follow-up

  • Depending on the severity of the conditions, the therapist will recommend the frequency of visits.
  • During every session, your progress will be recorded and treatment will be provided accordingly.

Step 4: Maintenance

  • After your treatment sessions are complete and you have recovered, it is important to visit the clinic for regular follow-ups.
  • Your therapist might suggest some at-home therapies as well.

reason6 Reasons BRT is for You

  1. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment method
  2. It works on the general well-being of an individual with a holistic approach helping you strengthen your immune system and overall health
  3. It is a painless passive therapy
  4. BRT targets the root of the problem instead of treating the symptom making sure you have long-term relief
  5. BRT works not only as a reactive therapy but also as a preventive solution
  6. Completely drug-free therapy

New hope for chronic health difficulties: BICOM Optima – Bioresonance Therapy

The Hong Kong environment makes it a challenge to stay well. We and our children are constantly exposed to air pollution, illnesses, parasites, radiation from high-altitude flying, electrical appliances and cell phones, injuries, and emotional pressures from our work or school lives.

When overloaded with these stressors, our bodies’ ability to detoxify can be compromised. Feelings of constant tiredness, sleep interruption, overscheduled lives and frequent infection mean Hong Kongers often take longer to recover than necessary, which segues into a reduced health span.

Help is on the Way

The Body Group is offering treatments with the latest in Bioresonance Therapy. This treatment strengthens the body’s power to detoxify at the same time as reducing its workload by treating allergies, infections, scars, cranial and spinal trauma and other blockages that impair healing. It can be done along side many other therapies.

What does this mean to you?

It means getting measurable results so that your body can heal the way it was meant to do, naturally.

For more information please go to

Bioresonance with Zyto™ scanner

In last November we added another tool to our kit to extend the awesome power of Bioresonace. The Zyto hand scanner can help determine the best way to bring bodies suffering from acute conditions back into balance. For several years we’ve used our Bicom Optima 2000 to help clients manage allergies and other health conditions using a test, assess and treat protocol and will continue to do so, but we’re excited by the addition of our Zyto scanner that enables us to get quicker results for those times you need a pick-me-up.  This is especially true for clients who have already been through an allergy elimination process with us and would like to come back again for a quick recharge or body balance after a depleting episode.

For those who want to know how it works, the Zyto hand scanner measures the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) of a person to a program of energetic stimuli. All substances, organic and in-organic have a known  energetic frequency, and it’s the interaction of these with your body that is the basis of Bioresonace therapy.  The Zyto hand scanner is simply a direct interface between a person (you) and programs that assess which Bi-Com Optima 2000 programs are the priority to get your body back into balance today.

So far, we’ve used our Zyto hand scanner to rid clients of tick borne infections, recover from extreme stress and exhaustion  and regulate bladder function. How can we help you?

Rayonex Polar and Regumed Bicom Optima Machine

The Body Group has added a cutting-edge Rayonex Polar machine to our existing Regumed Bicom Optima machine. Bio-resonance finds the root cause(s) of chronic and acute conditions using effective, non-invasive techniques to test and treat. If you are looking to replace years of taking medications to treat symptoms, bio-resonance could be for you.

The complex frequency pattern that make up the human body can change and become distorted when affected by metal and chemicals toxins, pathogenic stress from viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi and the electromagnetic pollutants concentrated in large cities like eSmog and the geo-pathic stresses of Hong Kong.

Both the Regumed Bicom Optima and the Rayonex Polar devices use resonance frequencies to safely diagnose and eliminate energy imbalances in the body caused by the toxins and stressors mentioned above, The treatments help facilitate the body’s own ability to restore itself to a healthy state by stimulating body functions with favourable frequency spectrums. Both the Regumed Bicom Optima and the Rayonex Polar seek and pass on all the frequencies necessary for the stimulation and regulation of the whole organism. Treatment is non-invasive, painless and suitable for people of all ages.

Regumed and Rayonex are leading bio resonance companies headquartered in Germany and both are investing heavily in research and development as the demand for alternative health care expands outside of Germany and into the rest of the world. Our multi-skilled therapists regularly attend training offered by head-quarters and are able to offer the best bio-resonance in Hong Kong.


Will bioresonance heal my skin problems?

Bioresonance is one of the best tools for getting to the root cause of skin allergies, rashes (commonly called dermatitis) and other irritations such as eczema and psoriasis. Skin problems are always a symptom of something being out of balance within the body, but fortunately bioresonance is a good tool to help the skin heal.

I’m always tired. How can bioresonance help?

Tiredness is often a symptom of an overload of toxins that the body is not able to handle. Although we have a very effective natural system of detoxification, utilising the liver, kidneys, intestines, lymphatic system and skin, people are currently exposed to a very high load of heavy metals and petrochemical based toxins. Our bodies are increasingly overwhelmed by this load and need help to deal with it.

I’m worried about vaccinating my child. How can bioresonance help?

As parents, we are asked to give our children many more vaccinations than ever before. Some of these contain ingredients that help the vaccinations to work, but are toxic in large doses. Bioresonance is able to support the body throughout the vaccination process by enhancing the harmonious frequencies and detoxifying the disharmonious frequencies. Bringing your child for a bioresonance session before and/or after the vaccination can help the organs to deal with the drugs that are introduced into the body. This does not affect the positive benefits of the vaccination.

My child is hyperactive, won’t sit still and doesn’t listen to my instructions. There seems to be anxiety and school seems to be challenging. Can bioresonance help?

Yes, as with adults, children are very often suffering from a toxin overload. The symptoms you are seeing are the result of a central nervous system that is no longer able to regulate itself properly. By identifying the causes of stress in the child’s body, bioresonance is able to help the body detoxify those stressors, while at the same time identifying and correcting nutrient deficiencies.

I’ve had gut or bowel problems for years. Can bioresonance help with gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation?

Bioresonance works to identify what pathogens are causing the gut dysbiosis and thus correct it. If for example candida or clostridium are the culprits, the therapy can regulate these and help the body to expel them. Combined with supporting treatments to repair the intestinal walls and regulate and support the autonomic nervous system, bioresonance has been known to resolve problems for clients who have lived with the discomfort of an irritated bowel for many years.

Can bioresonance help me to lose weight?

Weight gain is most often a symptom of an imbalanced hormonal system, which often leads to poor lifestyle choices in an effort to “get through the day”. Bioresonance gets to the root of what is causing those disorders, which again is most often toxicity. Once the main causes of toxic stress are identified in an initial consultation, a series of treatments works to correct them. When this is combined with a change in lifestyle habits, weight loss is often a happy side effect.

I’ve had chemo or radiation therapy and feel terrible. Can bioresonance help?

Because bioresonance works on a frequency level to stimulate the body to heal itself, one of the most effective ways to get back on your feet after cancer therapy is to help the body to generate its own energy again. Several sessions of bioresonance will help to get you back on your feet, increase your energy level and allow you to function well again. Once the body is starting to repair, we can begin a process of identifying and treating the toxins in your body. Most post-cancer therapy clients report feeling increased energy after just one session.

What is frequency or energy medicine? How does it help?

Energy or frequencies affect you every minute of the day. In fact your body is its own electrical power system. Conventional medicine uses frequencies when you have an electrocardiogram (ECG) to see whether your heart is working normally. In nature, the frequency of the sun and its effects are well known by us all. When you step out into the sun, a series of interactions happens when the sun shines on your skin. It often enhances your mood and gives you a tan – or burns your skin if you get too much sun. The sun also has an effect on us internally as it works to stimulate the production of vitamin D, which is vital for our health. Similarly, when you have bioresonance therapy, the frequencies generated by the machine positively affect your body.

How can I best prepare for my Bicom session in order to get the most out of it?

You should not have any coffee, peppermint tea or other stimulants for 2-3 hours before the treatment.
Ensure you are well hydrated and be sure to drink a lot of water both before and after the session.

I have seen different types of bioresonance machines. How can I choose the best one for my needs?

Most bioresonance machines have similar frequency generators. The software and programmes are what makes the machines different. As a result, it is the training of the therapist that makes the real difference to the outcome of a series of bioresonance treatments. Be sure to check that your therapist is well trained and has a good understanding of human health.