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Colic and baby reflux is painful and babies suffering from these issues can be irritable. This affects their sleep, mood, eating habits, development and more. As a result, their overall health gets affected. We offer manual treatment (massage) and craniosacral therapy to relieve infants of discomfort caused by this condition. Our colic and acid reflux treatment in Hong Kong provides relief and helps in maintaining a certain balance in the body, which in turn reduces the effects of the condition. Gentle movements are utilised to ensure the baby’s delicate body is properly taken of and he /she is relaxed during the treatment.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Our youngest son had colic. His older brother and sister were greatly helped by CranioSacral therapy and we wanted our youngest son to have the same opportunities. His head is now a beautiful shape. He is much calmer. I think the service provided by The Body Group is excellent. Although it was my son being treated , I came away from each session feeling calmer.

JuliaHong Kong

After many days with cries, I took Christian to see Sarah & Caroline and after only one visit, he was a totally different boy, much happier and much less cries.

P.L.,Hong Kong

My newborn baby was diagnosed for Torticollis and he also had very low bowel movements (once each 6 days). Caroline fixed it just in a couple of sessions and I can tell you that the baby is now 10 months old and his position is very straight. Regarding the bowel movements, he just started to improve once he started eating solids. I am very glad that my Doctor told me to go to The Body Group. I will certainly come back if I need to.

Florencia,Hong Kong

Had a flat spot on the back right side of his head and favored sleeping only to one side. His head has changed shape and is not so noticeably flat. He now sleeps comfortably on both sides and also on his tummy. Extremely satisfied. It’s not easy working with such young babies who are unpredictable, but The Body Group staff were always very flexible.

BrodyHong Kong

After a few sittings with Caroline, Jake already showed distinct improvements in flexing his neck and sleeping more comfortably. After more sessions, we started to see real improvements in the physical shape of his head. Through Caroline I began to learn much more about the condition and the additional complications that it could lead to if left untreated.
Caroline was fantastic. Jake is fine again and as a mother I’m very much relieved! Throughout the time of the treatments, Caroline kept in regular touch and provided additional advice and tips on everything from nutrition to maintaining the right balance in life. Caroline is one of those rare practitioners who makes her clients feel special and who really wants to improve the world around us.

B.F.Hong Kong

Colic in Babies
Infants suffering from colic tend to cry for long periods of time and there seems to be no way to console or help them out of this state. They will also arch their backs while crying. They will stop crying almost as suddenly as they started. If your baby cries for 3 hours for 3 days a week and a minimum of 3 months, these symptoms could indicate colic.

Baby Reflux
Most babies suffer from a certain amount of reflux. They will spit their food up because their digestive system is not developed properly. The sphincter muscle separating their stomach and oesophagus doesn’t open or close on time, which causes the food and stomach acid to flow back to the mouth. This backflow causes pain and a burning sensation in the throat. This is known as baby reflux.

Colic and Acid Reflux Treatment
We provide manual therapy treatment and craniosacral therapy for babies suffering from colic and reflux. These treatment processes are gentle and can help relieve physical stress and correct other issues that might be troubling your baby.

Why Babies Suffer from Colic & Acid Reflux
The biggest reason why babies suffer from colic and reflux is due to some complication or compression of nerves or bones during the pregnancy or birthing process. During pregnancy, if the baby has been in a position that compressed his body, it can cause problems even after birth. The same holds true for the birth process. If forceps are used to pull the baby out, it could compress the bones or nerves impairing normal functions. A fast push could cause whiplash whereas a lengthy birth process could compress certain nerves. Compressions and tensions in the body can affect the Vagus nerve, which in turn could cause colic or reflux. If the cranial nerves have been affected due to irregular movement of the neck and mouth, the baby could have trouble latching on when feeding. Further, this could affect the baby’s ability to roll.