Active Isolated Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Safely & Effectively Stretch your Muscles

What is Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)?

According to statistics, 85% of the population in the United States will suffer from neck or back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, back pain is the second most common reason to see a physician.

Estimates suggest that people spend an average of 10 to 15 hours per day with bad posture, whether this is at work, school, or home. In Hong Kong, one can assume the statistics are even more alarming when you notice the high level of mobile phone use and the long working hours that this busy city is known for.

Should we just accept the fact that we will succumb to bad posture and a lifetime of sore muscles and aching joints? The amount of advice available on how to address bad posture can be overwhelming. Yoga? massage? physio? chiropractic treatment? stand up desks? What is the answer?
In fact, there is no one form of exercise or treatment that will solve your problem. While these modalities can give temporary relief, it takes more than this to solve the problem of bad posture. It takes re-education of your muscles in order to change your positional awareness from bad posture to better posture, and finally to good posture.

Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening is a specific method of lengthening tight muscles and tissues while strengthening the ones that are not doing their job effectively. This will enable you to sense your body better and will also allow you to self-correct as your muscles get used to their proper roles. Bad posture is simply a bad habit and once you understand your postural habit better, change can happen in a more dramatic way. AIS in Hong Kong can be applied to a variety of conditions, regardless of age. It fits in well with any physio, massage, or physician plan and acts as a complement to these treatments.

If you are suffering due to bad posture and feel you are not enjoying life to the fullest, contact The Body Group without delay for a postural assessment and care plan.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

On the eve of my departure I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you’ve given me.
Caroline, thanks for introducing me to EFT and having me face some of my past demons. With wonderful results! I also loved working with you in the Pilates studio.
Sarah thanks for helping me with my allergies. I had never thought going dairy free would make such a difference. But it has literally changed my life! Also your recent help with my knees was very valuable.
Adrian, thanks for stretching me to the max! I loved chatting with you. We are both so passionate about what we do. People are very lucky to have us in their lives.

B.V.Hong Kong

I am amazed at what you have done for me.
I have had constant pain in my lower back since I can remember, by stretching my legs and back without any real pain or fuss you managed to cure it in one session.
That is something that four Chiropractors over 7 years of monthly visits failed to achieve.
I thought this would be temporary relief but I am now sitting at the computer pain free and this is 3 months down the line.
This was reason enough to thank you, but after the success on my back I let you treat my neck, something I had previously asked you not to do.
I was just plain scared that if you moved my neck around I would again start to suffer the pain that had become so bad over a two year period that I started to lose the use of my right arm.
I cannot say enough for your care and understanding of my condition, you let me stretch as far as I felt comfortable, working with me all the time, with such simple exercises I cannot believe how quickly I have improved.
In a few sessions the constant ache has gone, I can now turn my head without a sudden stabbing pain and my range of motion is far more than I have felt ‘safe’ with in some time.
So I want to thank you Adrian, for your professionalism and skill, let alone all the work you put in to constantly update your techniques.

Andrew DunnHong Kong

The Body Group has been great and really helped my lower back and shoulder and allowed me to compete again in tennis. I highly recommend your treatment for sport related injuries.
My treatments with Adrian and Kate during training and before competition made a difference in my performance.

Daniel HostetterHong Kong

I began seeing Adrian for major pain in my rotator cuffs and neck pain which was not allowing me to do any shoulder work at the gym. Over time, Adrian was able to completely remove this pain and I now am able to work out better than before. Adrian was able to help me with any issues that surfaced over my time seeing him and my body is better for it. I don’t know what I would have done without Adrian’s ability to repair my body on several occasions.
Not only is he a healthcare professional, he has one of the best customer service perspectives I have ever experienced anywhere. I would, and have, highly recommend Adrian for your healthcare needs.

DarylHong Kong

I thought I would send you a note to say thank you for all of your help over the past few months or so.I have to say that after my slipped disc and consequent advice from my Consultant recommending a lifestyle change, I had depressing visions of me living with a walking stick and struggling with basic movement well before my time at 40. I guess I am not alone in that I worked long hours in an office and didn’t regulate my diet and exercise properly, if at all. The resulting injury was likely due to too many years of neglect.So, I decided to take this injury as a “wake up call” for myself. The first thing to do was find a good physiotherapist to help me recover which is when I called The Body Group and spoke to Jenny, she then booked a session with you at my home as I was unable to walk very far at this point. I remember very clearly the first visit to my house and the limitation of my movement. However what followed after subsequent sessions was a pretty remarkable recovery for me. In a relatively short space of time I regained movement, strength and flexibility. In conjunction with your treatment I started to change my lifestyle, firstly with simple things such as new office chair, new chair at home, supportive pillow etc., this followed with regular stretching and manageable exercise that I could easily fit into my day between sessions with yourself.

GaryHong Kong

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the stretch therapy that you have given to me over the past 18 months. It has made a tremendous difference to me in my recovery between training and in preventing injuries from my exercise routines. I have noticed that since I started with the stretch therapy with you that I recover much more quickly between training and events and that I have not incurred as many injuries as I used to without the benefit of the stretch therapy that you have provided.
I have also benefited greatly from your knowledge of anatomy, physiotherapy and stretch techniques. I have implemented many of the ideas and techniques that you have provided me with during our stretch sessions in my training routines and I noticed significant improvements in my performance as a result. Thank you.

R.N.Hong Kong

What is Active Isolated Stretching?

Developed 35 years ago in the USA by rehabilitation and sports medicine expert, Aaron Mattes, the method advocates holding each stretch for only two seconds. This short movement allows the target muscles to actually relax and lengthen without triggering a protective stretch/contraction reflex, which can put strain on surrounding muscles and joints, ultimately leading to tension and trauma.

For years, many experts recommended stretches lasting up to 1 minute; however, overdoing a stretch actually decreases the blood flow to the area, causing lactic acid buildup, and irritating the local muscles, lymph and neural tissues.

Mattes has written several books and produced DVDs on AIS and today his methods are used by athletes, coaches, massage therapists, athletic trainers and health-care professionals to help stretch muscles, repair the body and prepare for daily activity.

What conditions can AIS Help?

AIS improves oxygenation of the muscles, stimulating growth and repair; today it is being used by health professionals to treat more than just muscle strain and fatigue. AIS is also helping with a multitude of conditions including: back pain, bad posture and alignment, poor circulation, stress and anxiety as well as treating diseases such as scoliosis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Back Pain: Eighty percent of back pain is caused by weak abdominal and lower back muscles, by building up the abdominal muscles with crunches, pelvic tilts and half sit-ups much pain and tightness can be relieved. Tight hamstrings can also affect the lower back, to properly stretch the hamstrings, the quadriceps should also be engaged; using a rope or strap while stretching is helpful in this area.

Poor Circulation and Flexibility: AIS stimulates circulation and lymph drainage by actively oxygenating the muscles and surrounding tissue. By increasing the health of muscles, tendons and ligaments AIS promotes flexibility, reducing the risk of muscle strain and tearing and preventing sports injuries from occurring in the first place.

Sprained Ankle and Foot Problems: The gentle and mild AIS stretches for the foot and ankle areas are designed to strengthen and prevent ankle sprains, shin splints and arch problems. The use of a towel, stocking and even resistive weights particularly help in these areas.

Scoliosis: AIS has been successfully used to help treat scoliosis. The therapy sessions effectively combine strengthening exercises for the back, hip, neck and abdominal areas with stretches for muscles in the neck, trunk, hips and pelvis. Seatbelts are often used for stabilization during the sessions.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Over the past 30 years thousands of patients have been successfully treated for carpal tunnel syndrome using AIS stretching and strengthening programs. Treatment includes specific stretching for the neck, anterior shoulder/chest muscles and the radioulnar, wrist and hand muscles. AIS offers relief with no surgery needed.

Who should use AIS?

AIS can help those with posture problems, aches and pains, and restricted mobility. It is also particularly effective for those who take part in active pursuits.

Walkers/Runners: Both walking and running are strenuous activities that affect almost every part of the muscular system. Proper stretching preparation decreases the chance of injury, and by warming the muscles, joints and soft connective tissue (fascia) the cardiovascular system is better able to oxygenate muscles decreasing lactic acid build up and fatigue.

Golfers: Flexibility is an integral part of golf; AIS not only helps prevent game injury, it actually improves the power in your golf swing. AIS allows greater range of motion on the back swing in the hips and torso – giving greater power potential to hit the ball further.