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Infant and Pregnancy Care

Caring for your child and his/ her health starts long before birth. During pregnancy, women can take care of themselves to have a healthy baby. A healthy birth can be accomplished by reading the signs and decoding the signals your body is sending. At The Body Group, we help resolve health concerns that pregnant women and infants might face that are considered ‘normal’. For example, with gentle non-invasive therapies, we can reduce and possibly eliminate lower back pain that women might face during childbirth. Similarly, we can help if your infant is suffering from colic or has a flat head.

Baby Head Shaping

Some babies could have misshaped heads that can be caused during birth or lying on the back for prolonged periods. This treatment helps correct flat head or any other problem your baby might face in terms of a misshaped head.

Colic & Reflux

The most common problems that infants face are colic and reflux. These conditions can be painful and frustrating for a child leading them to cry for long hours and have trouble swallowing. We provide manual therapy treatment and craniosacral therapy for babies suffering from colic and reflux.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy is used to correct the position of the skull plates gently. It can help improve overall health and can help in colic, scoliosis, etc. In adults, it can help alleviate chronic problems as well as any issues caused by impact or an accident.

Pre & Post-Partum Therapy

A woman’s body drastically changes during and after pregnancy. We offer a wide variety of therapies to help you increase strength and reduce symptoms of pain and discomfort. We suggest most women opt for Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) to align the pelvis during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage at The Body Group has been derived from Swedish massages that improve circulation and reduce tension. We also recommend lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT) to help reduce swelling.

Abdominal Binding

Pregnancies cause women to have diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). Abdominal binding is an extremely effective method of restoration of the abdominal muscles. Abdominal binding at The Body Group is an 11-step process that starts with a professional consultation. A personalised plan is created along with a custom-made abdominal binder for you to take home.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

My daughter was born with a cleft palate which caused her to have difficulty drinking and resulted in severe colic and reflux for the first 6 months of her life.
I was desperate and had tried everything to help her out but nothing seemed to work. My daughter also developed Plagiocephaly due to her being uncomfortable all of the time and preferring to sleep in our arms on one side of her head. I learned that cranial sacral therapy was helpful for all of her symptoms so I set an appointment with Caroline Rhodes at The Body Group. My daughter was almost 5 months old at the time and I had only wished I had found the team at The Body Group sooner. After a few appointments, Caroline suggested I would have increased success by trying bioresonance. The first treatment with Caroline Major changed our lives. At 5 months old my daughter hadn’t even taken a ten minute nap. A few hours after her treatment she slept for the very first time. I also switched her from cow’s milk to goat’s milk formula that very day, as suggested by Caroline. This was a game changer for us all. I discovered that I was eating many foods that my daughter wasn’t processing well in my breastmilk. On top of getting more gas from her cleft she was also getting gas from the foods I was eating and the formula I was supplementing with. I was so pleased with the results, my 6 year old son and I also had treatments. My son was having a few behavioural difficulties that Caroline discovered were directly related to gluten and dairy. I was completely unaware. Testing elimination of these products in his diet makes it crystal clear. She was right!
I can’t rave enough about the expertise and treatment that we experienced at The Body Group. I would recommend them to anyone for better health and answers to any body related symptoms you are experiencing. I didn’t believe it until I tried it….. and I am so very glad we did. Thank you to everyone at The Body Group for all of your care!

Wendy, Hong Kong

Caroline Rhodes and The Body Group have been instrumental in resolving severe back pain during two of my three pregnancies.
The first injury occurred in 1997 with my first child. At 37 weeks I tumbled off of a treadmill (only walking slowly). The resulting back pain was severe, traveling from my back wrapping around down my left leg and into my foot. I was literally incapacitated by the pain. My OB decided to induce the baby as I was immobilized, hoping that this would relieve the pain. Unfortunately it did not. Over the next 9 months I continued in severe pain. My left leg was often “dragging” as I could not lift it it properly. I went to many private physio’s, Orthopedic surgeons, spent time in and out of traction and was warned to think twice before having another child.
After nine months I was sent to Caroline’s clinic. Caroline immediately diagnosed a pelvic position “issue” (not clinical term but my understanding). She treated me for an hour and I left her clinic pain-free for the first time in nine months. Caroline continued to treat me until the problem was completely resolved, approximately four weeks. I was then able to resume exercising and was confident enough to get pregnant again six months later. During the pregnancy I was treated by Caroline every 1- 2 weeks to prevent a re-occurrence and everything went smoothly with no back pain.
Six years later I had my third child. I was a bit lazy and did not seek Caroline’s help during the pregnancy. The result was at 39 weeks my back “went” again. The baby was born by an induced delivery. Upon returning home, I had to call an ambulance to take me back to the hospital because I could not get out of bed due to the severity of the pain. At the hospital, I was given anesthetic injections into the back muscles to allow me to get to The Body Group for treatment. Caroline and her team worked their magic and the pain was fully resolved within three weeks. A few weeks later I was jogging again!
For any woman suffering back pain due to pregnancy The Body Group therapists are a lifeline. It is very depressing to bring home a new baby and not be able to care for the child due to pain. Caroline and her team bring swift resolution to the crisis along with an understanding and caring environment. This positive environment is critical in not succumbing to despair and maintaining a positive outlook towards recovery and the return to a normal life.
Many thanks to Caroline and her team.

LM, Hong Kong

I was seven months pregnant and was experiencing a lot of hip pain to the extent that it was waking me at night and making it difficult for me to walk and move around. I had experienced some hip pain previously but the pregnancy had made it much worse. I had two sessions at The Body Group about ten days apart. The first session in particular was very effective and relief from the pain was almost immediate. By the second session it was becoming very uncomfortable to be on my back and I found that session less effective.
I was very impressed with the results of the first session and feel that if I’d gone for treatment earlier I wouldn’t have had the discomfort for so long. I future, I would try The Body Group as a first option for similar conditions. In my limited experience of The Body Group I was impressed by the range of treatments offered and by an experienced staff. They took a joint “problem solving” approach to my condition and I felt that they listened to my description of what I was experiencing and collaborated to gain the best, most effective treatment and outcome for me.

Alexandra, Hong Kong

After the birth of my first child I had severe pain in the right side of my head and jaw. The pain gradually subsided after each treatment and after approximately six sessions the pain disappeared and has never returned. It is approx 1 year since the treatment. Extremely happy! The treatment was painless, fast and the result was permanent.

Orla, Hong Kong

Our youngest son had colic. His older brother and sister were greatly helped by CranioSacral therapy and we wanted our youngest son to have the same opportunities. His head is now a beautiful shape. He is much calmer. I think the service provided by The Body Group is excellent. Although it was my son being treated , I came away from each session feeling calmer.

Julia, Hong Kong

I’d like to send my deepest thanks to Caroline for the wonderful treatment provided to Jake my (then) 3 month old son. Ever since he first lay in his cot, no matter which way we lay him down, we noticed that he always slept on his left side. We later learned that this was the result of a spasm in his neck which clearly caused him pain and over time, was causing him to develop a flattened head condition on his left side. This was a real shock to first discover and caused me real heart ache to think that as a mother I could have let my son develop this condition without my even being aware of it. It was only when you actually looked directly on top of his head that you could see the change in symmetry, but how could a mother not spot this? I felt dreadful about it. Jake is our third child, so up to then, I imagine I was feeling pretty confident that I knew it all.
At the time, Jake and I were attending a Pekip course and it was actually the instructor who noticed the condition but who also, thankfully, knew of Caroline and her expertise in treating the condition.
After a few sittings with Caroline, Jake already showed distinct improvements in flexing his neck and sleeping more comfortably. After more sessions, we started to see real improvements in the physical shape of his head. Through Caroline I began to learn much more about the condition and the additional complications that it could lead to if left untreated.
Caroline was fantastic. Jake is fine again and as a mother I’m very much relieved! Throughout the time of the treatments, Caroline kept in regular touch and provided additional advice and tips on everything from nutrition to maintaining the right balance in life. Caroline is one of those rare practitioners who makes her clients feel special and who really wants to improve the world around us.
Thank you Caroline!

B.F., Hong Kong

After many days with cries, I took Christian to see Sarah & Caroline and after only one visit, he was a totally different boy, much happier and much less cries.

P.L., Hong Kong

My newborn baby was diagnosed for Torticollis and he also had very low bowel movements (once each 6 days). Caroline fixed it just in a couple of sessions and I can tell you that the baby is now 10 months old and his position is very straight. Regarding the bowel movements, he just started to improve once he started eating solids. I am very glad that my Doctor told me to go to The Body Group. I will certainly come back if I need to.

Florencia, Hong KongMacau

Had a flat spot on the back right side of his head and favored sleeping only to one side. His head has changed shape and is not so noticeably flat. He now sleeps comfortably on both sides and also on his tummy. Extremely satisfied. It’s not easy working with such young babies who are unpredictable, but The Body Group staff were always very flexible.

Brody, Hong Kong

Generally not thriving, small stature, difficult eater, weak language, vomiting between ages 1-5yrs old. It is hard to prove/see improvement on the ‘thriving’ aspect. However when I went to The Body Group and Caroline showed me how out of line his spine was and how his stature was very obvious when pointed out, but I hadn’t noticed. Within 3 sessions she straightened his spine, the results were clearly visible. I wish I had taken a photo. Even friends commented when I showed them. This was visible and tangible evidence whatever you think about anything else. There is no doubt in my mind that a child must thrive better having a straight spine, one cannot argue against the fact a straight spine must make you grow better. The most noticeable effect on my child was after the first session. He was not informed of why we were going to Caroline for fear he would play on the issues to his advantage. Immediately after I asked how he felt. He said “Mummy, I feel all loose and floppy. I don’t feel like this anymore….hunching his shoulders and making his body rigid.” He plays a contact sport and gets hard knocks – I wish everyone doing contact sports was made aware of how easy it is to straighten your child out before they grow in a stuck position of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Ever noticed the ministry of funny walks with adult rugby players? Thanks Caroline, will see you at the end of the rugby season.

Lawrence, Hong Kong

I feel a lot more confident in having natural childbirth after attending the EFT for pregnancy. The visualisation technique is a very nice way to connect with my baby. It brings joy to me every time when I visualise a health baby inside my tummy.

Virginia, Hong Kong