Abdominal Binding – Collaboration with Restoring Mums

Abdominal Binding

– Collaboration with Restoring Mums

This is the secret to restore your figure after baby!

Healing, Recovery and Maternal Well-Being

After nine months of pregnancy, nothing can compare to the joy of finally meeting your beautiful baby. Just as your new baby will need attention and care, we believe mothers should also embrace the importance of caring for themselves after a delivery.

Our Treatments

We support new mothers in their recovery and restoration process. Our treatments are designed by Karen Loke and use techniques of traditional jamu massage, abdominal binding, lymph drainage, scar massage and natural remedies – all tried and tested to support women with their post-natal healing.

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How Can We Help You?

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Double Blessing Sharing from Kim & JJ!

Kim and JJ, congratulations on your newborn twins! It’s definitely not easy to have come through all the challenges during singleton pregnancy, let alone twin pregnancy.

During and after pregnancy, it’s very common to have diastasis recti aka abdominal muscle separation which leads to back aches. For mums who carry twins, the condition could be more severe.

We are grateful to support these 2 wonderful mums in their postpartum restoration.

Find out how slimum® treatment helps mums to restore their figure and wellness!