Abdominal Binding

– Collaboration with Restoring Mums

This is the secret to restoring your figure after pregnancy!

Abdominal Binding in Hong Kong

After nine months of pregnancy, nothing can compare to the joy of finally meeting your beautiful baby. Just as your new baby will need attention and care, we believe mothers should also embracethe importance of caring for themselves after delivery. Short 45 or 75 minutes sessions with us, in combination with abdominal binding, can ensure faster postpartum recovery and prolonged relaxation.

By providing a specially curated postpartum package, we support new mothers in their recovery and restoration process. Designed by Karen Loke, our treatments use techniques of traditional jamu massage, lymph drainage, scar massage and natural remedies – combined with abdominal binding – all tried and tested to support women with their post-natal healing. All natural ingredients (herbs and oils) are used during the treatment process. The process helps regulate hormones, reduce adipose fat in and around the abdomen, improve circulation and more. An 11-step treatment package has been devised to expedite the natural process, which otherwise might be long and cumbersome.

What is Abdominal Binding?

Postpartum abdominal binding is the process of wrapping an abdominal binder around the hip and stomach of new mothers. During the process of childbirth, the mother’s abdominal muscles might move apart. The time taken for the muscles to re-join is dependent on the number of pregnancies a woman has undergone and the natural healing process of the body. Belly binding helps expedite the process, providing the support needed for the abdominal muscles to fuse together. The binding material helps relieve trapped gas and provides support to the back and hip reducing body ache.

How Can We Help You?

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Abdominal Binding Process

Abdominal binding at The Body Group is a 11-step process (mentioned below).  It starts with a professional consultation with Karen Loke, who creates a personalised plan for each mother depending on her specific needs. Karen also custom-makes the abdominal binder for you to take home. Our therapists will teach you how to use the belly binder at home.

Abdominal binding is an extremely effective method of restoration of the abdominal muscles. However, we also provide several other services in this package to ensure quicker and better all-around results.

This 45-minute postpartum tummy restoration package includes:

  1. Professional Consultation
  2. Abdominal & Waist Massage
  3. Warming Tummy Mask
  4. Hot Herbal Compress Treatment for the Abdomen
  5. Herbal Tummy Paste
  6. Abdominal Binding
  7. Hip Binding

We also offer a more advanced package that consists of five treatments in addition to the above package. The session lasts 75 minutes:

  1. Traditional Malay Massage for the Entire Body
  2. Scar Massage
  3. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  4. Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

Key Benefits of Abdominal Binding at The Body Group

  1. New mothers suffering from diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles) can use an abdominal binder to expedite the natural process of fusion of the abdominal muscles
  2. It helps in toning and slimming the waist and stomach
  3. It provides additional support to the back, stomach and hips, which reduces back pain
  4. Along with belly binding, therapists will also perform hip binding. Hips that might have widened while giving birth can be restored to their natural position using the method of postpartum hip binding.
  5. This process also improves blood circulation, reduces appearance of scars and helps expel trapped gas and lochia.
  6. Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® is a gentle non-invasive method that helps realign abdominal organs to ensure improved functioning.

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