Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Ancient Healing System

Thai Massage – Relax, Heal and Energise your Body

Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures. The Body Group now offers Thai massage services in Hong Kong to complement our physiotherapy treatments. It can offer a unique advantage over regular massage in that it incorporates deep stretching of ligaments and muscles, which often become tight and foreshortened after injury or simply through the Thai Massage can offer a unique advantage over regular massage in that it incorporates deep stretching of ligaments and muscles, which often become tight and foreshortened after injury or simply through the aging process, and bones can also be realigned, helping to correct many conditions that result in pain.

After making an initial evaluation, the practitioner uses his or her own legs and feet to position the client in yoga-like positions while simultaneously using rhythmic pressure on the deep tissues of the body to stretch, separate and release muscles and ligaments. The aim is to release tension that results in ailments such as stiff neck, headaches, numbness in the legs and feet, frozen shoulder and muscle strains and sprains. At the same time, the technique stimulates circulation which results in a greater sense of ease and wellbeing.

Sessions are normally two hours and a great deal of change can be seen after just one treatment. No oils or lotions are used and the client remains fully clothed (loose clothing is required) while lying on a comfortable mattress on the floor.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

I would recommend everyone to experience Chow's amazing therapeutic massage skills. This passionate, unique and caring human has being trained in the most reliable places of this planet that are knowledgeable for their oldest complex and highly efficient technics of body treatments. Wished he was geographically closer to Australia.

Cynthia Sierra DiazCEO Medichol Australia

I am so impressed and grateful with the wonderful work done by the Body Group.
Some skiing (and age) had left my lower back painful, with serious pain in my right leg and knee that was restricting my mobility.
Caroline worked on my spine, and put things back in the right place so I was mobile and pain free again, whilst some painful sessions with Andrew separated and stretched my leg and back muscles, and released the connective tissues.
This meant that a little over 6 weeks later I am fully mobile and virtually pain free.
Great work, Body Group!

RFHong Kong

I was recommended to visit Andrew, a Thai massage therapist with extensive experience to resolve muscular tension and stiffness.
Andrew worked on each muscle and tendon separately, allowing circulation to resume in problem areas where it was previously blocked. He uses this technique he develops over years of studies and practice.
Relief was the affect of this treatment, one that is effective resulting from a combination of related techniques. Areas where I had previously experienced numbness and a restriction of mobility have greatly improved immediately after the visit.

I.T.Hong Kong

I had a chronic left hamstring and buttock injury and every time I tried to run, it would pull and hurt. This left me limping for days. I was having a hard time trying to stay fit because I kept re-injuring myself. After seeing Andrew, he explained my problem and the started to massage and press deep into my legs, ankles, thighs and all the muscles of my hip and back. I had no idea that I had so many painful areas. The injured side felt so different from the uninjured side. After the first session I could feel a difference in the way I walked. After a few more sessions I started to run and have been so happy that the old injury has not returned. I see Andrew on a regular basis to keep me feeling flexible and my muscles are loose. His knowledge of how the joints and muscles work is so different from anything I have ever experienced. All I can say is that he’s committed to helping you improve and keeping you from re-injury.

Robert R.Hong Kong

For years I had pain along my spine. They feel stiff and ache, especially when I would wake up in the morning. I had an old injury from a car accident and I think that the muscles were never treated correctly. Andrew massaged on both sides of my spine, my low back, neck and head. It felt amazing. After one session I felt 75% better. By the 4th session I no longer had this chronic pain. I would recommend Andrew and his unique style of deep massage.

James P.Hong Kong

Been seeing Dani for Chi Nei Tsang and Caroline for physio and they are nothing but amazing. I recently had a Thai massage by Andrew and it was the best massage I've had in a long time. Worth every dime if you have serious lower back as digestive problems like me

Clara LHong Kong