Relaxation Massage

Restore Health and Vitality

Relaxation massage, as the name implies, aims to provide rest and relaxation. It is a slow, smooth, and gentle style of massage that helps to enhance your general wellbeing. It improves blood circulation, relieves minor muscle pain, reduces muscle tension, increases joint mobility, improves lymphatic flow, reduces stress and promotes overall relaxation.

Relaxation massage involves the application of Swedish massage techniques, varying from light to deep pressure. There are five basic strokes: effluerage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration. The session takes place in a quiet, warm, and comforting environment, with some relaxing background music. The client lies comfortably on a massage table covered by a sheet. The therapist then applies gentle to deep pressure to the client’s body, to gently manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues. The client is made to feel comfortable and relaxed, and may even fall asleep to achieve some deep rest.

Relaxation massage is good for people of all ages, whether they lead an active or a sedentary life. It offers everyone some well-deserved quiet time and gives the mind and body a chance to release the stresses of everyday life.

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