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How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works by rebalancing the flow of vital energy (Chi or Qi) through the meridian system (channels) by means of the placement of fine needles at specific acupuncture points on the body. The insertion of the needles feels to the patient like a tiny insect sting.

It is very safe and is suitable for adults (including the elderly) and children. Some people experience mild and often temporary side effects, such as pain, minor bleeding or bruising where the needles puncture the skin, and occasionally general drowsiness.

Acupuncture has been proven to work very well for fixing muscular and skeletal disorders. It also works well on conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, back pain, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and problems that may occur after a stroke.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

I had a serious tear of my leg muscle and I was in so much pain, I couldn't tolerate any kind of therapy. The lightest touch was unbearable.
Maxine used cupping and acupuncture to help reduce the swelling and pain the day after the injury. I felt happy that during the first few days following the injury I was able to have some kind of treatment that allowed me to let my leg begin the healing process faster.

JL, Hong Kong

I was suffering with a serious cough I picked up on holiday in China and I could't shake it. Dr. Maxine did cupping on my back and prescribed Chinese herbal medicine and this helped me tremendously to sleep at night and to minimise my need for a long course of antibiotics. I'm very grateful to have had the relief. I would recommend Dr. Maxine to anyone for any acute respiratory illness from virus, bacteria and to help with living in a polluted city.

RM, Hong Kong

If you are afraid of visiting a Chinese Medicine practitioner, you will love to meet and be treated by Maxine. She is highly professional, patient and with a kind smile. You will feel comfortable when she asks about your daily habits in order to understand why you have such symptoms. Maxine also is very helpful in suggesting the preventive measures you can take to mitigate the symptoms. She is also very experienced in giving acupuncture. I felt my whole body was lighter after the treatment. Together with her tailor-made Chinese herbal medicine, some of my symptoms were released immediately and I enjoyed better sleep, more calm and less nervousness.

SL, Hong Kong

I felt that I got the best possible treatment and I was truly impressed with Maxine's excellent and attentive care. She always treated me with tender loving care and it is clear that she cares for all her patients in this way. I have been suffering from muscle pain and cold and flu. Maxine treated me very well and my pain is gone after her acupuncture treatment. The Chinese Herbal medicine she gave me also does not taste bad, Thank you!

CL, Hong Kong

I want to express my sincere appreciation for Maxine and the promptness and professional care that she offered in treating my lower back pain with acupuncture. Maxine is a very professional Traditional Chinese doctor. I appreciated her follow-up and willingness to answer all of my questions about my status quickly and thoroughly. A big thank you!

DC, Hong Kong

Excessive holiday travel and winter weather left me feeling physically drained of energy, combined with insomnia and an upset digestion system. I had two very beneficial treatments with Maxine which combined touch therapy, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. After the first treatment, I immediately began to sleep better, and my stomach had calmed down. I continued taking the CM while traveling to China on a 3-day trip. Upon returning, two friends I was traveling with came down with sever coughs and flu like symptoms. One friend was so ill, she was prescribed antibiotics and steroid treatment for her lungs upon arrival back to Hong Kong. I believe the treatment I received before and after the trip, along with CM, boosted my immune system and kept me feeling great and safe from the "flu" that was going around.
Maxine has a very gentle approach and I always felt comfortable and safe under her care. Maxine is very knowledge in TCM I am very happy with the treatments I received.

GD, Oregon USA

I’m so grateful to have found that Dr. Maxine is able to use acupuncture to help me with my hearing loss.
I have experienced a slow decline in my hearing, I’m in my late 50’s. I especially struggle in noisy or sound places like restaurants, bars and MTR stations. I have had to resort to reading lips. In my vain effort to not have to get hearing aids, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I have to say that after the first session I have a noticeable difference. So far I’ve had 5 sessions and I am really noticing a difference. It feels good to know that I’m reversing any damage I may have had to my years from noise pollution rather than just getting hearing aids that do not actually improve my hearing. Thank you Dr. Maxine. I’m very grateful to have found you.

Cindy, late 50’s

I had trigger finger on my right hand. My fourth finger could not be straightened after bending. After having acupuncture and taking the medicine prescribed by Maxine, I have recovered. Although the healing process was slow and long, I did feel the improvement after the treatment each time.
Thank Maxine for her effective diagnosis and thorough explanation of my health problem

PaulineHong Kong

Practitioners of TCM in Hong Kong must be registered by the Council of Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong. Requirements for registration include a minimum of one year’s study in modern medical science, providing a comprehensive approach to therapeutic solutions.