Falguni Mather

– Master in Counselling (Australia)
– EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
– Bioresonance Therapist


Falguni is a Counsellor (MCoun.) and an Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner, providing counselling for individual adults and adolescents. She offers a safe, confidential and supportive space for clients to voice their concerns while being heard.

As well as a Master’s degree in Counselling, Falguni has trained with teachers around the world in a variety of therapeutic frameworks and techniques. She continues to train and attend international workshops and conferences to keep current with the latest research and developments for emotional and mental health.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years, she has seen how different approaches help different individuals in different ways. Acknowledging the individuality of each person, Falguni uses an integrative approach, combining EFT tapping and somatic therapies with traditional talk therapy.

Falguni works collaboratively with clients, which means both are flexibly and actively engaged in the change process, working together towards the common goal of successful outcomes.

Falguni can help you work through anxiety, stress, anger, overwhelm, low moods, low self-esteem, personal crisis, job related stress, phobias, grief, loss, and any other blocks which may be frustrating, overwhelming or keeping you stuck.

In addition, you can learn simple techniques to use in daily life, enabling you to deal in a healthy way with the inevitable set-backs that life can bring. Falguni provides the space for clients to resolve their negative feelings, limiting beliefs and behaviours so that they can gain clarity, feel empowered and achieve their goals.

Decoding Symptoms

Falguni is also a certified META-Health Master Practitioner accredited by the International META-Medicine Association.

META-Health is the science, practice and art of body-mind-social health with a focus on how specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affect specific organ symptoms.

Physical symptoms are often signals from our body, pointers to mental, emotional and lifestyle blocks. This is especially true of chronic symptoms, which we may have been dealing with over a long period of time.

Decoding symptoms to find the reasons behind physical issues, Falguni works with clients to understand which unconscious triggers need to be resolved, and the steps to take to allow your body and mind to heal.

Ultimately our stresses and limitations are held not only in our mental narratives but also in our physical bodies.

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Giving Back

She volunteer her therapy services at :

  • Christian Action’s CKM Service Centre for Refugees – providing humanitarian assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and torture claimants in Hong Kong.
  • CancerLink – Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s free service to the community, CancerLink helps people adjust to living with cancer. Providing free information and professional counselling, they welcome cancer patients, survivors, their family or friends to seek help in coping with cancer.
  • Justice Centre Hong Kong – human rights advocates working fearlessly to protect the rights of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable forced migrants – refugees, other people seeking protection and survivors of modern slavery.
  • PathFinders – giving a fair start in life to every migrant child born in Hong Kong by empowering their mothers to make informed life decisions and find a dignified path towards a safe and legal future.

Specialties & Qualifications

  • Certified Counsellor (MCoun.)
  • Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner with EFT InternationalT
  • Certified META-Health Master Practitioner with Intl. Meta Medicine Association
  • Member of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
  • Member of the Australian Counselling Association
Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy



Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

See What Our Clients Are Saying

I am new to EFT, but not the therapy. Within three short EFT sessions with her, Falguni had me accessing levels of awareness and making deep connections that I’ve never had in any of my previous work. Now I tap all the time! And am so excited to see what new things surface.

N.K.Hong Kong

My sessions with Falu have helped me realize how much fear, stress, anxiety I have suppressed and carried with me through my entire life, which in turn have manifested into my recent physical symptoms, heart issues, blood pressure, thyroid problems, & even MS that I’ve had for sometime now.
Falu has shown me to tap when I feel any kind of negative emotions like stress, fear, anxiety even physical pain whether it be my heart palpitations or my thyroid or any any other symptom I am feeling. I clearly feel a shift now, not just in my mental state but also physically, when I use EFT.
I cannot thank her enough for healing me through this rough patch & helping me come out a stronger more positive & happier person!

S.ZNew York

I have attended a few sessions now with Falguni and at the end I always feel more uplifted. My issues seem to resolve and dissolve into thin air. Falguni always gets right into the problem and seems to hit the nail on the head 100%. Thank you for yet another amazing workshop!

DanielaHong Kong

I like EFT a lot, it is a tool to create a space for me to look deep into myself, to my emotions and issue. And Falguni is a great healing, thanks for her loving and positive energy, and trust that allows the highest good to happen to me.
Heidi P., Hong Kong

Heidi PHong Kong

I have worked as a Social Worker for nearly 20 years and was initially skeptical about the benefits of EFT. I entered my first session with Falu with a degree of apprehension. However, Falu’s warm re-assuring approach allowed me to relax and focus on the treatment.
It was just over 10 days before I was due to present a conference paper and could feel waves of anxiety rushing through my body each time I thought of myself before an audience. Falu skillfully enabled me to define and locate my fears and apprehension during the session and also taught me tapping exercises.
As I sat listening to my fellow panel members, awaiting my turn to present, I tapped, I was introduced and for the first time, ever, I actually enjoyed presenting and felt elated by the experience!

AlisonHong Kong

My session with Falguni was wonderful. Her warm and calm energy immediately made me feel completely comfortable with her. She guided me through the technique in a way that was so open and nurturing, it felt like I was just hanging out with a good friend – I was able to delve deeper into my personal issues in a safe and supportive environment. After our session I felt lighter, relaxed and more at peace with myself.

I. T.Hong Kong

I have been led in such a supportive way through my struggles and find that I am able to cope so much better in my life, thanks to my continuing sessions with Falguni. Thank you for being there.

S.K.Hong Kong

I feel a lot more confident in having natural childbirth after attending the EFT for pregnancy. The visualisation technique is a very nice way to connect with my baby. It brings joy to me every time when I visualise a health baby inside my tummy.

VirginiaHong Kong

My life felt as if it was in turmoil. I had been told I had breast cancer and the words alone sent a fear through my body that made me feel so weak ... I felt as if my body collapsed and I was unable to cope with this news.. I attended EFT sessions with Falguni and I felt my mind ease as I learned how to address my fears and actually take control and move my thoughts in a more positive and healing way.. my attitude to what was happening to me also changed for the better and life became normal again for me.
I am so happy and eternally grateful for EFT and I think it is something we should all do as there is nothing harmful in the sessions only the good that it does to enhance our lives.

M.R.Hong Kong

I was having problems with my bladder for more than 15 years. I did all the medical checks possible and none of them gave me a diagnosis.
Just after my first session with Falguni I saw a big change on my condition. We worked with the emotional aspects that might be contributing to the situation, releasing them with EFT. I noticed that I didn't need to go to the bathroom as often and did not have to push as before. Now after three sessions with Falguni even my lower abdomen looks decongested and I feel a lot lighter. And the original problem have not come back. I am really amazed how a problem that now one knew what it was or how to treat is basically gone with the therapies Falguni worked on me.

M.S.Hong Kong

I have been suffering from tinnitus in my left ear for 2 years now and recently it got much worse. It was so stressful and I didn’t know what to do about it. I saw Falguni with this symptom and I am still amazed at the sessions and how powerful it has been. The way Falguni connected my past experience with the current physical symptoms was just amazing!
Falguni never made any of her own interpretations but rather gave me space to express myself and talk about my experience and emotions. I always felt heard, understood, excepted and never judged. Understanding how my symptoms could be connected added a whole another meaning and purpose to a traumatising experience from the past. It has since been less painful and I carry less anger, fear and sadness. My symptoms are fading away now. Falguni is both, compassionate and efficient, direct and gentle. She seems exceptional at inspiring self-acceptance and gratefulness. I cannot thank Falguni enough for adding another perspective and helping me become more accepting and joyful person. I would highly recommend her to anybody and have already referred my friends to see her.

L.K.Hong Kong

Feedback for the EFT for Conscious Parenting workshop: An interesting course with Falguni which provided some very good examples about parenting challenges and a new technique to deal with these challenges. Thank you.

L.G.Hong Kong