Carina Lun

– Registered Physiotherapist
– Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
– BSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy
– MSc. Acupuncture
– BSc. Food & Nutritional Sciences
– ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist

Carina Lun is a physiotherapist and a lymphatic drainage therapist. Her first degree was in nutritional sciences and in 2010 she obtained a first class honours degree in physiotherapy from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Carina has a solid foundation in human biomechanics, movement patterns and injury patterns. She has dealt with a broad spectrum of specialties, including orthopedics and medical and surgical care, musculoskeletal conditions, postural correction, and sports rehabilitation.

Carina has also obtained a master’s degree in Chinese acupuncture from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is a strong believer in holistic care. She finds the integration of eastern and western physical medicine particularly effective in chronic pain management.

During the first physiotherapy session with Carina, clients will be taken through a thorough initial assessment. Subsequent treatment will be tailored according to the individual’s needs and both active and passive approaches will be employed, including myofascial release, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, movement therapy, and a programme of therapeutic home exercises.

Carina recommends periodic lymphatic drainage for general wellbeing but finds it particularly helpful for patients who have suffered injury or undergone surgery. The treatment helps transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells and is an invaluable aid in boosting the immune system and the body’s ability to recover from trauma.

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Specialities & Qualifications

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Lymph Drainage Therapy



Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Over the period during which I have sought help from Carina Lun I have received nothing but the most attentive, caring and professional advice and effective treatment.
On my first appointment Carina asked a series of questions to determine the precise nature of my problem. In layman’s language Carina then explained the causes of my problem, she then applied the most appropriate method of treatment.
Being a consummate professional Carina Lun has offered guidance on the best exercises and/or lifestyle changes that can be adopted in support of her treatments.
I have recommended several friends to Carina, and will continue to do so. I am happy in the knowledge that Carina will do her very best for every patient seeking her advice.

Graeme S.Hong Kong

Carina is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and has helped me with some major pain and restrictions as well as some minor niggles. I am grateful she has so many skills and techniques (needling, active isolated stretching, Pilates, scraping and more). She encourages a more balanced body by giving me exercises for therapeutic or maintenance effects, so that I can keep myself healthy in the future. I also appreciate her explanations so I can understand where the issues are and feel empowered and motivated to do something about it.

Alicia M.Hong Kong

I have always been suffering from lower back pain since young and also presumably sciatica on my left leg (which was what the other physiotherapists had told me) that I was unable to sit long on a chair. Taking long haul flight had proven to be a nightmare for me. No one seems to be able to cure me until I met Carina. She not only cured my lower back pain but also told me that I am not having sciatica!
I was really impressed by Carina’s clear diagnosis. She treated me with massage, acupuncture and also advises me on what type of exercises would be most beneficial. My condition has improved a lot and certainly looking forward to a full recovery.
Not only Carina is a very professional, positive and approachable physiotherapist, she is also well versed in lymphatic drainage massage. I was able to get immediate relieve from the massage each time I had blockages on certain parts of my body.
Fully recommend Carina as she is the BEST!

Shannon L.Hong Kong