Anthony Poon

– Physiotherapist
– HK and UK Registered Physiotherapist
– BSc Physiotherapy (University of Hertfordshire, UK)

Anthony completed a Physiotherapy degree at University of Hertfordshire, UK.

He has a particular interest in Strength & Conditioning and optimising movement quality through thorough understanding in biomechanics. Currently, Anthony is treating professional athletes of different sports – Muay Thai boxer, Ballet Dancer, Bodybuilder … to name a few.

Anthony has a strong belief in cooperating education, manual therapy and active treatment to achieve long lasting therapeutic effect. As clear explanation and education would allow patients to have a better understanding over their own condition and therefore have the ownership of it.

Anthony is fluent in three languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

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Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation

See What Our Clients Are Saying

I came to see Anthony for a stubborn mid back pain. At first, the pain affected me from exercising and prolong sitting at work. Anthony worked on my injured site, gave me appropriate home exercise and explained thoroughly what the condition was. His knowledge and skills massively aided my recovery and allowed me to return back to the gym painfree after 3 sessions.

Christy Yu

My name is Marvin and I am a competitive natural bodybuilder and a coach in Hong Kong. My sport demands to train intensively in extreme body conditions, it is unavoidable to be stressing the body. I am lucky to have Anthony to correct my training techniques and fix up my past injuries which include shoulder and hip pain, so I could train and work with no pain and this is by far the first time over all my competition years.
Thumbs up to him

Marvin Fok

Anthony is a highly professional physiotherapist, I came to him with a shoulder injury that can potentially set back my competition prep that I have coming up in a couple of months time, On top of the treatment he did, he also offered some very useful advice that I have incorporated into my training routine and exercises to help rehabilitation, now my shoulder is back at its peak strength and most importantly pain free. Thank you Anthony!!

Brian AuCompetitive Athlete

I suffered from forearm pain and tightness before. Any type of gripping would cause numbness and the pain could wake me up from sleep at night. I sought for help from another therapist before but with no improvement. As my friend recommended Anthony, I then went to him. He could quickly identify the source of symptoms after a few simple tests and provide me treatments accordingly. Now the pain has gone, my grip strength is back and sleep is no longer affected. Thank you Anthony!

Isaac Lee

My wife recently slipped a disc (without knowing) and wound up in the emergency room in an immense amount of pain. After 4.5 hours of waiting and no action being taken by the hospital, we found The Body Group and managed to get an emergency appointment with Anthony. Anthony was so knowledgeable and diagnosed her condition immediately. He's very patient, and explains everything very clearly. She could barely walk going into the office and was just about back to normal less than 24 hours after being treated by Anthony. I would highly recommend The Body Group for physio needs!

Mark S.Hong Kong

I went to see Anthony with shoulder pain. He was excellent. Not only did he fix the issue, but he talked me though all the treatments and exercises so I knew exactly what was going on. Very impressed.

Kate D.Hong Kong