Private Yoga classes

by Falguni Mather

Alignment based class, beginner and intermediate levels.
HK$1,000 for One person / class
HK$1,600 for Two person / class

Working individually with you provides the opportunity to support your specific needs. Consistent yoga practice can help release tight hamstrings, rounded shoulders, an aching lower back or a stiff neck.

Do you go to the gym, or run, or play a sport? Yoga can help to stretch and align your body to complement your regular physical activities (a yoga practice will, in fact, enhance your physical performance). Practicing yoga brings more awareness to sensation, action and movement, enhancing connection, strength and flexibility.

This will be a moderately paced practice to enable a fuller exploration of each pose, while releasing any tension held in the muscles and connective tissue of the body.

The class will include physical poses to enhance flexibility, strength and balance, breathing exercises to cleanse, detox and let go of stress, and some mindfulness meditation to access focus and calm. Instructed with props and options to support your individual practice.

The benefit of personalised instruction is classes tailored to your specific needs and goals.