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Yuen Method for You?

The Yuen Method is an impressively comprehensive modality that can quickly aid you physically, in your relationships, and in your individual development.

How might this relate to you? If you have had aches and pains for so long that you feel you just have to live with them, the Yuen Method may be able to help. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to communicate with the people in your life (spouse, children, parents, work colleagues or classmates). If so, the Yuen Method is a remedy to consider. Or, perhaps you have been feeling that no matter how hard you try you just can’t get ahead, personally or professionally. If this rings true, the Yuen Method may be highly effective in supporting you to overcome barriers. Contact The Body Group, Hong Kong for more details on Yuen Method.

How does Yuen Method work?
Expertise from celebrated Chinese Shaolin healers and Western Scientists are blended in the Yuen Method, a powerful non-invasive healing and empowerment technique. With elements from Qi Gong, Shen Gong, Anatomy, Physiology, Structural Analysis and Quantum Physics, Yuen Method practitioners identify root causes and work to clear pain, shift and remove weaknesses such as allergies, thoughts and traumas. Results are reported to include relief from agonising physical and psychological ailments, and to foster personal growth.

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Practitioners and Clients say they value the method because it is fast, pain free and generally yielding more effective results than generally anticipated. Some of the outcomes obtained through the Yuen Method include relief from long term ailments (such as sore backs and knees), building constructive and harmonious interpersonal relationships, plus improved professional and personal satisfaction from achieved goals and increased prosperity.

The Yuen Method is based on the premise that people are multi-layered, with tiers of energy or consciousness. Chiropractor Dr. Kam Yuen, an Engineering graduate, developed the technique on the basis of the experience and knowledge he gained in his professional practice and studies of homeopathic medicine and nutrition.

Through the technique, Dr. Yuen establishes congruence and balance at the different energetic levels of beingness so that optimum health and wellness can be achieved. The process begins by identifying the individual’s deep core issues. Then, using a blend of intuition and kinesiology the practitioner focuses upon eliminating blockages to release the layers of physical symptoms (e.g. pain/ soreness or hurt) and emotional energies manifested as fears, phobias, and limitations, initiating a process that enables the individual to make continuous progress towards achieving their highest potential in health, prosperity, integrity, success and freedom.


See What Our Clients Are Saying

I had heard about the Yuen method through a friend and decided to try it out for myself at The Body Group.
Mandy is a very experience Yuen practitioner and she has been of tremendous help.
The practice itself is difficult to understand, it almost feels like there is some touch of “magic” involved. The result are even more puzzling but imminent. During my first session we detected many little hidden issues from my past experiences which where unknowingly affecting my present life. After 2 month of regular weekly sessions I feel like a totally new person, my symptoms have almost disappeared, I feel happier, lighter and more at ease. Even my family and friends noticed the changes and were impressed with the results.
Mandy also taught me some easy tools to practice at home to correct myself on a day to day basis. I can highly recommend Mandy and The Yuen Method to anyone interested in a new, unconventional and highly successful way of treatment.

TinaHong Kong