Physiotherapy in Hong Kong

Consider your Body as one Structure

What is Physiotherapy?

The Body Group physiotherapists treat a variety of chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions. During your session, your therapist will perform a through assessment of your condition and treat you using manual therapy techniques. Our therapists are trained in advanced manual therapy skills to reduce and eliminate your pain, reduce inflammation, restore mobility and flexibility and teach you tools to prevent re-occurring problems.

The physiotherapists also will assess the condition taking into consideration that the body is a whole structure and that different areas of the body can affect the condition for which you are seeking treatment. For instance, someone with a tennis or golfers elbow often has an underlying shoulder girdle (shoulder joint, shoulder blade and collar bone) dysfunction that may or may not cause pain. It the shoulder girdle does not move freely in all directions, and then eventually the elbow movement will be limited. The physiotherapist will also look at the movement of the spine and specifically the neck. The neck is connected to the shoulder by the attachment of muscles and ligaments. The nerves to the shoulder and elbow exit the spine at the neck. The blood vessels going to the arm start from the heart and travel under the collar bone providing nutrients to the shoulder and elbow and this will be assessed. The same applies to the knees. An assessment of the knees will include examining the low back, pelvis and hips.

If you wish to have physiotherapy treatments in Hong Kong, we ask that you obtain a note from your physician so that you may submit claims for re-imbursement from your insurance company. If you do not have a physician, our office can assist you in locating one to meet your needs.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

I have always been suffering from lower back pain since young and also presumably sciatica on my left leg (which was what the other physiotherapists had told me) that I was unable to sit long on a chair. Taking long haul flight had proven to be a nightmare for me. No one seems to be able to cure me until I met Carina. She not only cured my lower back pain but also told me that I am not having sciatica!
I was really impressed by Carina’s clear diagnosis. She treated me with massage, acupuncture and also advises me on what type of exercises would be most beneficial. My condition has improved a lot and certainly looking forward to a full recovery.
Not only Carina is a very professional, positive and approachable physiotherapist, she is also well versed in lymphatic drainage massage. I was able to get immediate relieve from the massage each time I had blockages on certain parts of my body.
Fully recommend Carina as she is the BEST!

Shannon L., Hong Kong

Carina is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and has helped me with some major pain and restrictions as well as some minor niggles. I am grateful she has so many skills and techniques (needling, active isolated stretching, Pilates, scraping and more). She encourages a more balanced body by giving me exercises for therapeutic or maintenance effects, so that I can keep myself healthy in the future. I also appreciate her explanations so I can understand where the issues are and feel empowered and motivated to do something about it.

Alicia M., Hong Kong

We do think that he’s a good practitioner, who is very patient, caring, approachable and communicative. Personally, I am more impressed that he checked Jaden ‘s conditions before we started each time and explained his development patiently.
He does show passion towards his job!

Mr & Mrs Wong, Hong Kong

Over the period during which I have sought help from Carina Lun I have received nothing but the most attentive, caring and professional advice and effective treatment.
On my first appointment Carina asked a series of questions to determine the precise nature of my problem. In layman’s language Carina then explained the causes of my problem, she then applied the most appropriate method of treatment.
Being a consummate professional Carina Lun has offered guidance on the best exercises and/or lifestyle changes that can be adopted in support of her treatments.
I have recommended several friends to Carina, and will continue to do so. I am happy in the knowledge that Carina will do her very best for every patient seeking her advice.

Graeme S., Hong Kong

As long as I can remember I’ve always had painful periods. I just accepted that period = pain, until I mentioned it to Sarah who suggested trying IMT on my pelvic area. Result: the pain and the cramps are gone. I still have heavy periods but pain free. I would highly recommend this treatment to any woman like me who assumed that periods always come with pain.

LB, Hong Kong

The tightness, pressure and headaches I had are now much better. Headaches are gone and I am aware of areas I need to work on and have exercise to help in case of pain again and to help strengthen things.

AT, Hong Kong

I had a mind blowing experience with Caroline Rhodes, I was close to have a slipped disc and under Caroline’s care, after just a few sessions she was able to reset my disc in a proper position. I went from excruciating pain to an almost normal state within just a few sessions. Thank you very much for this wonderful help.

Clare, Hong Kong

Dear Caroline,
I wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping me to utilise the EFT technique for my hair loss that I have been recently suffering. Since I have taken your treatment I am pleased to report that my hair loss has substantially reduced to around 50% simply after one treatment. I therefore am grateful to you for convincing me to use this approach. I would recommend to any of your other clients, who maybe in a similar situation to also try the EFT technique.
Thanks again!

Jagruti Patel