Consider Your Body as One Structure

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual (hands on) non-invasive approach to restore normal function in areas impaired by trauma, chronic illness or acute health problems. To restore this normal function, the Osteopath gently applies a precise amount of force to promote movement of the bodily fluids, eliminate dysfunction in the motion of the tissues, and release compressed bones and joints. The areas being treated require proper positioning to assist the body’s ability to regain normal tissue function and heal.

The body is a unit, and all parts affect each other. Dysfunction in one area will affect other areas of the body. It is imperative to treat the body as a whole. Osteopathy Treatment at The Body Group, Hong Kong is aimed at fixing the structural problem present, thus allowing improved function through the entire body.

Common illnesses successfully treated with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Cranial Osteopathy include back problems, headaches, joint pain issues, musculoskeletal pain, neck injuries, post surgical complications, sciatica, TMJ dysfunction, head injury, post concussion syndrome, pelvic pain, digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome), genitourinary problems, respiratory illness, asthma, chronic sinus issues, bronchitis, and ear, nose and throat issues.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Patrick Ansovini treated me for low back pain, he diagnosised very clearly what was the problem and he explained what he was doing during the treatment. He showed a lot of skills and ability to perform technique. Also he gave me some suggestions how to behave during daily life to avoid that the pain occures again and he showed me some stretching exercises for my back. He is very professional and he cares a lot about patients. I highly recommend to see him for any kind of problem.

Florence Pardoen

I have been suffering for multiple ankle sprains for the past few years. After a jogging, I realized that my right ankle was swollen and weaker compared to the other one. Therefore I consulted with Dr. Patrick Ansovini who did manual technique treatment. He also gave me some exercises to do at home to reinforce my joint. I am really happy with the outcome as I don’t suffer anymore and can practice again intensive sport. I highly recommend Dr.Patrick Ansovini for his ability to diagnose correctly and efficiently treat patients.

Julie Bour

I suffered from a tear of cartilage in my right knee. As I work in Retail, I need to stand up long hours. I went to see Dr. Ansovini and he took great care of my knee. On top of the therapy sessions, he gave me some stretching exercises to do at home. After a few sessions only, my quad became stronger and I did not suffer anymore. I would like to recommend Dr. Ansovini for his great expertise and dedication.

Priscilla Sum

I met Patrick when he treated my 3 months old daughter for an over extension of the spine and lack of movements for the rotation of the neck. During the treatments he wasn’t only very professional but also showed a great care for my little baby. We felt taken care every step of the way receiving his explanations and suggestions. He even took time in teaching us exercises to do at home and after few treatments my daughter’s health condition has greatly improved.
I deeply recommend Patrick as a reliable and trustworthy Pediatric Osteopath.

Chiara Dossi

Doctor Ansovini was extremely professional and helpful when I injured my right knee last summer. Thanks to the gentle massages that he provided, the pain really reduced and finally disappeared with additional ultrasound sessions that he prescribed. I highly recommend him in case of muscular and joint injuries

Jonathan Berguig