Angelic Healing

Energy Balancing Techniques used to Enhance Vitality

What is Angelic Healing?

Angelic healing is an ancient energy medicine practice. The goal is to clear energetic imbalances in the subtle etheric (energy field or chakra) space around the client’s body. The healing practice is rooted in the power of working with the images and healing energy of the archangels to restructure the fine subtle chakra energy system. Specific geometric patterns are reinforced with the use of my hands and tuning forks to remove any stagnant energy areas along the chakra and energy field.

How would I know if I need an angelic healing treatment?

If you are experiencing ongoing discomfort in one area of your body over many years or if you are suffering from one to two reoccurring medical condition, you would benefit from an angelic healing session! Energetic imbalances can manifest as mental, emotional, or physical symptoms. Angelic Healing can assist clients with identifying specific ongoing themes of medical conditions and pain patterns in the body and prevent them from reoccurring.

What to expect during a treatment?

The majority of clients report an immediate sense of peace and relaxation during the treatment session. And usually an improvement with their sleep, pain quality and generally feel more rejuvenated after the angelic healing session. I work with my hands on specific points on the superficial skin level and above the client’s body. Reiki like hand motions are done while soft music is played during a treatment session. A blanket is usually placed over the body and the client rests during the session.

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