Patrick Ansovini

– Osteopath (D.O.) Italy

Patrick Ansovini is a qualified osteopath with an extensive background in physical therapy.  After graduating in 2008 from the Osteopathy School of Rome, he undertook further studies at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, UK, and the National Taiwan University, where he completed Master level work in physiotherapy in 2010.  He then went on to practise in Shanghai from 2011 to 2013.

Patrick was a professional soccer player, but at the age of 16 he experienced a knee injury which required several surgeries and a lot of rehabilitation. Unfortunately his knee had suffered severe cartilage damage and he had to give up his career. Based on this experience Patrick decided to become a physiotherapist, going on later to become an osteopath.   While taking his Master’s in Physical Therapy, he developed together with his team a programme to cure Achilles tendonitis, an injury that occurs very frequently among runners.

Patrick’s work can be of particular benefit to those suffering from stress, chronic headaches, urinary problems, and eye, digestive and sleep disorders.  He has also done extensive work with women during pregnancy and with newborns and infants, where we see an increasing need for skilled care.  More very young children are being brought to us for treatment related to misshapen head and birth trauma and Patrick is particularly experienced in this field.

Other treatments offered by Patrick include osteopathic manual techniques (articular, muscular and visceral), cranial sacral therapy, and stretching. Using his training as an osteopath, Patrick can treat many conditions affecting people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.  He has had a great deal of success in restoring normal function to the body safely and quickly.

Musculoskeletal pathologies:

  • Lower back pain, sciatica
  • Neck pain, stiffness, whiplash injuries
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain, frozen shoulder
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hip, knee and ankle pain
  • Post-operative pain and loss of range of motion
  • Sport-related injuries

Neonatal & pediatric osteopathy:

  • Birth by C-section
  • Torticolitis
  • Cranial deformations
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Problems breast-feeding
  • After knocks and falls
  • Growing pains
  • Scoliosis
  • Recurring infections
  • Asthma

During Pregnancy:

  • Nausea
  • Backache
  • Headache
  • Acid reflux
  • Rib pain
  • Water retention

After delivery, it is always beneficial to have osteopathic treatment to realign the body, restore muscle tone, and avoid prolapse (of the uterus, kidney or vagina).  This will also rebalance the hypothalamus function which is crucial for good sleep.

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Specialities & Qualifications

Baby head shape

Baby Head Shaping

Colic & Reflux

CranioSacral Therapy



Pre & Post Partum

See What Our Clients Are Saying

We do think that he’s a good practitioner, who is very patient, caring, approachable and communicative. Personally, I am more impressed that he checked Jaden ‘s conditions before we started each time and explained his development patiently.
He does show passion towards his job!

Mr & Mrs WongHong Kong

My son – Aaron has developed a flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) at the age of 2 months old due to back-sleeping which is very common for many parents whose tried to prevent sudden infant death syndrome or SID). Unfortunately, it’s not common to get related treatment in Hong Kong. Therefore, I went to google and found articles written by Caroline Rhodes from The Body Group. We went to see Caroline and her diagnosed with Aaron’s head misshaped condition is moderate. As he was already at the age of 7-8 months old, she told us it could be treated but it may take longer time since his head is more developed. She suggested us to start with two treatments per week but unfortunately she was very busy in the month of Sep and Oct (travelling and teaching) so she referred us to Doctor Patrick Ansovini.
We started the treatment with Patrick since the beginning of Oct (twice per week and an hour per session), and in less than one month time we have seen great progress on Aaron’s head shape. His head shape has been fixed almost 80%. Patrick has done an excellent treatment with Aaron. Me and my hubby are so grateful with the result and thanks to Caroline to introduced Dr. Patrick for our son. He is so professional and patience with baby/infant.

Joanne YueHong Kong

Doctor Ansovini was extremely professional and helpful when I injured my right knee last summer. Thanks to the gentle massages that he provided, the pain really reduced and finally disappeared with additional ultrasound sessions that he prescribed. I highly recommend him in case of muscular and joint injuries.

Jonathan Berguig

I first met with Dr Patrick Ansovini after suffering from constant neck pain due to working and sitting for long hours in front of a computer. I was getting headaches on a regular basis and woke up in the morning feeling restless and agitated. Dr Ansovini provided me with osteopathic treatments and after a few sessions, I felt a lot of relief from my neck pain and my headaches had subsided. He was very professional and explained the situation very clearly. I would highly recommend him for his knowledge and professional expertise.

Annie Oksness

I want to recommend Dr. Patrick Ansovini because he did an amazing job as an osteopath with my 3 year old son. My son has severe, really severe sleeping issues since he is very small. We tried everything you can think of, everything suggested in those baby sleeping books and went to different doctors. But nothing helped. After starting the treatment with Dr. Ansovini my son’s sleeping behavior changed immediately. And after two months regular treatment we had reached a really good result and saw a lot of progress! The situation was better than ever before!

Tina RaunerHübl

Dr. Patrick Ansovini treated me for low back pain, he diagnosised very clearly what was the problem and he explained what he was doing during the treatment. He showed a lot of skills and ability to perform technique. Also he gave me some suggestions how to behave during daily life to avoid that the pain occures again and he showed me some stretching exercises for my back. He is very professional and he cares a lot about patients. I highly recommend to see him for any kind of problem.

Florence Pardoen

I have been suffering for multiple ankle sprains for the past few years. After a jogging, I realized that my right ankle was swollen and weaker compared to the other one. Therefore I consulted with Dr. Patrick Ansovini who did manual technique treatment. He also gave me some exercises to do at home to reinforce my joint. I am really happy with the outcome as I don’t suffer anymore and can practice again intensive sport. I highly recommend Dr.Patrick Ansovini for his ability to diagnose correctly and efficiently treat patients.

Julie Bour

I suffered from a tear of cartilage in my right knee. As I work in Retail, I need to stand up long hours. I went to see Dr. Ansovini and he took great care of my knee. On top of the therapy sessions, he gave me some stretching exercises to do at home. After a few sessions only, my quad became stronger and I did not suffer anymore. I would like to recommend Dr. Ansovini for his great expertise and dedication.

Priscilla Sum