Millie Sanchez

– Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
– Qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Millie Sanchez is widely experienced in a number of massage techniques with a focus on Lymphatic Drainage, which supports the immune system by clearing lymphatic congestion in the body.

Lymph is a clear fluid that starts as cerebral spinal fluid and makes up part of the immune system.  The lymphatic system acts as the waste-clearing system of the body, facilitating the removal of metabolic waste and toxins.   This waste material collects in all the tissues in the body from the by-product of cells that have used the food it needs and then dumps the waste product in the interstitial fluid. The entire body has lymphatic vessels to help move this fluid, but because there is no pump as there is in the circulatory system, which includes the heart, it is easy for the fluid to become sluggish. This leads not only to discomfort but also symptoms such as swollen arms and legs, tender breasts and cellulite (accumulation of toxins).  It can also result in a decrease in wound healing.   Lymph congestion tends to occur after surgery, injury, increased toxic load, and emotional stress. It is very common in pregnancy, perhaps caused by the baby compressing lymph vessels and preventing them from working normally.  This leads to cases of edema (fluid retention), inflammation, and lymphedema (lymphatic obstruction).

Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle therapy in which the skin is lightly stretched in the direction of lymph flow, promoting optimal functioning of the lymphatic system as a whole.   It is of great benefit during pregnancy and after surgery – particularly in cases where lymph nodes have been removed.  Lymphatic Drainage has also been found to reduce cellulite and stretch marks and to improve acne.  It also works to relax muscles, and this is especially useful when undergoing physical manipulation of any kind.  Massage, stretching, or other exercises will be incorporated into the session to optimise your results.

Millie has treated many people after major surgery and also after liposuction, facelifts and breast augmentation.   Lymphatic Drainage can help the body return to normal, healthy function as quickly as possible.  At the first signs of a cold or flu, early treatment with Lymphatic Drainage can reduce the symptoms and speed recovery.  Once the infection is fully developed however it is best to leave the body to work on its own and then follow up with a treatment once the symptoms start to improve.

Clients are sometimes surprised at how effective this gentle treatment can be in terms of easing discomfort and speeding recovery.  Regular treatments can keep the immune system functioning well and will also support general good health and improved sleep.

Millie is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. She trained in her native country of Puerto Rico and attended the Upledger Institute in Florida, USA, for training in CranioSacral Therapy. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Millie practised in Shanghai for eight years.

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I had several massages with Millie and each one was So awesome that when my mother was visiting Shanghai I made sure she gets the awesome massage from Millie. I totally trusted her with prenatal massages which helped in great deal to relive pressure form weak spine. Don't get timid by her size her hands are super strong and it finds its way to your stress point. Millie also knows amazing with lymphatic message technic; I noticed the change in body and was very please with effect. All massage section was so interesting that I kept going at least 3 times a month to get the maximum Benefit before she moved to Hong Kong.


Milli is an extremely professional massage therapist. Her knowledge of the body was very useful in treating me to maximise results, being relaxation, muscle tension release or others. I have always felt a new person after her sessions!

Violante Di CanossaItaly

After many bad experiences with massages done by non professional person who said that they were, I used not to trust anybody and stop to go to a massage. In 2012 i met Milagros and I have to confess she was and is the only person that took away all my bad experiences away. She gave back the confidence on massages therapies, she is GREAT! very professional and oriented to patient needs. Totally recommend her!

Sabina Parra Argentina

Trough both my pregnancies, I received regular massages from Millie. She knew exactly what to look out for, what to massage. She also completely understood the various stages and pains during pregnancy. I always felt very good, relaxed and pain free after her massages. I can very much recommended her prenatal massages.

Mimi LoundonAustria

I got introduced to Millie trough my chiropractor. I have multiple sclerosis. Having her as my massage therapist did wonders for me. She treated me with a combination of massage and craniosacral therapy. At first I had no idea what craniosacral was and I was a little skeptic, but she explained it to me in a very easy way for me to understand it. I have to say that the therapy is amazing. I saw a lot of improvement on my condition while I was with her. Also I tend to retain liquids on my ankles because I am sitting most of the time, and in combination with the other therapies she did some lymphatic drainage that helped me a lot. She is very attentive with the clients and she loves what she does.

Maria ChavezPuerto Rico

I met Millie around 2005. Working on a desk between 40/50 hours a week I started to feel strong muscular spams that eventually turned into digestive problems and insomnia. I started to visit Millie and she explained to me how the digestive problems might be linked to the muscular tension I was experiencing. From the first massage I felt so relieved. At the beginning I saw her once a week and eventually once a month. Millie is a professional and takes care of her clients. She guides you trough the therapy and makes you feel very relaxed.

Alexis HernandezMBA, Financial & HR Manager, Sanef ITS Technologies, Puerto Rico

I was referred to Millie by two friends. Initially I went to see her for lymphatic drainage. I have receive LD before, but with her I felt better results from the therapy. I also have herniated discs and one day she took a look at my back. She did some manipulation along my spine, I was very stiffed and in pain. I don't know what she did but the next day I woke up feeling a lot better. She recommended me to try craniosacral therapy and even referred to her osteopath. It showed me how important I am as a client and that she really cares for my wellbeing by referring to specialists that she believed would improve my health.

Maria S. SilvaArgentina

I met Millie trough my friend Sarika, when I met her I was already looking for a proper massage service provider in Shanghai for a while. Millie is a devoted professional and you can see right away she knows what she is doing. Meeting her is like a relaxing therapy. She is very attentive and makes you feel like your friend. I received lymphatic drainage therapy, which I totally recommend. I believe Millie is the kindest and professional massage therapist I ever met.

Ruxandra CorfitaRomania