Mandy Leung Szymanski

– Reiki Practitioner
– Yuen Method Practitioner

Mandy has experienced firsthand how stress can affect one’s health both physically and emotionally. She held a highly stressful position in the corporate world for over 15 years but after the birth of her first son she decided that health and wellbeing were her top priority. The precision and control of Pilates exercises helped her restore her strength, correct her posture and improve her overall body awareness. After becoming a Pilates instructor, further training in trigger point therapy and myofascial manipulation increased her understanding of the way in which these modalities can assist in physical performance and injury recovery.

While working with clients Mandy found that a lot of physical issues are actually by-products of energy blockage due to emotional stress. Negative energy disturbs the balance of the flow of energy within the body and sometimes this negative energy is stored in different parts of the body without the individual being aware of it. In fact, disease can be seen as a manifestation of unbalanced energy.

Mandy now focuses her work on the Yuen Method and Reiki. She is convinced that when we are centered we feel balanced and can experience harmony – not only with ourselves, but also with others and with our environment. Her passion is to help clients achieve ultimate health both mentally and physically by using the universal flow of energy to become balanced and centred.

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Yuen Method

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I had heard about the Yuen method through a friend and decided to try it out for myself at The Body Group.
Mandy is a very experience Yuen practitioner and she has been of tremendous help.
The practice itself is difficult to understand, it almost feels like there is some touch of “magic” involved. The result are even more puzzling but imminent. During my first session we detected many little hidden issues from my past experiences which where unknowingly affecting my present life. After 2 month of regular weekly sessions I feel like a totally new person, my symptoms have almost disappeared, I feel happier, lighter and more at ease. Even my family and friends noticed the changes and were impressed with the results.
Mandy also taught me some easy tools to practice at home to correct myself on a day to day basis. I can highly recommend Mandy and The Yuen Method to anyone interested in a new, unconventional and highly successful way of treatment.

TinaHong Kong