Andrew Chow

– Thai Massage Therapist

Many people enjoy a Thai massage when on holiday in Thailand but are unsure where to go for one in Hong Kong. Andrew specialises in Thai massage and was trained at the Watpo Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School, a famous training school in Salaya, Thailand, that has been in operation since 1955.

The difference between Thai massage and other forms of massage, such as Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu, etc., is that Thai massage works your entire body. It stimulates circulation and is quite invigorating. In fact, some people refer to Thai massage as ‘yoga for the lazy’. The therapist uses his or her own hands, knees, legs and feet to stretch the client and apply pressure to muscles and joints. The focus is on stimulating the acupressure points in relation to the energy lines of the body and providing relief by stretching and loosening tight muscles, releasing tension and relieving joints.

After evaluating the client and noting any issues of concern, Andrew uses his heightened sense of touch to feel for tension and misalignment in the muscles. He works deep in the tissues, stretching, separating and releasing. This is especially helpful in conditions such as frozen shoulder, stiff neck, headaches, numbness in the legs and feet and muscle strains and sprains.

Andrew is deeply passionate about his work and finds that he can achieve remarkable results in very few sessions. Clients remain fully clothed and lie comfortably on a mattress on the floor.

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